Land of Law and Mirrors
{ Domain of the Mage of Void }
Name: Dylan/Jimmy
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Interests: Video Gaming, Struggling to learn to make art and music
Fandoms: Homestuck, MLP:FiM, League of Legends, Katawa Shoujo

Occasional NSFW


"Waka, the gods’ gift to man is here! Bonjour!"



dude shovel knight is one of the best most recent games I’ve played in a really long time. Check it out if you haven’t. If you love megaman / zelda games, you absolutely love this! 

I’m going to put a 20”x50” print of this in the OTAKON auction!! I’m also going to sell duo prints of this (2 12x18s). Come fine me at W11!~ 


"Hey, just a minute! I couldn’t find the gods of the mountain, but I found a good human. I was looking for the strong person who gave Okuu the power of the gods, but, if you beat Okuu, that must mean you’re even stronger! I definitely want to see the power of the person even my sister couldn’t fight!"


sometimes i see posts that are like “people with gf cant make tfw no gf jokes because they don’t truly know that feel” but like, isn’t our natural state of existence that of no gf? we are not born with gf, nor do i believe we ever will be, so don’t we all, at heart, in our souls, know that feel when no gf?

I’m a fucking college graduate now. That’s fucked up.


Those two comments made my day.


Pixel of the Colossus

Made this to celebrate the release of the re-mastered ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.